Drassana Huguet

Our firm is specialized in the construction of catboats, traditional boats and fishing boats.

The construction and restoration is made with imported and local wood such as: holm oak, Minorcan pinetree, and wild olive. We also use copper screws for the securing of the frame structure and the lining due to its optimum performance in the marine environment as well as hemp for caulking.

Our work system dates back to those of the old Minorcan "mestres d'aixa" which still exists thanks to companies like ours; that system and the contribution of the British in the 18th century, gave international acknowledgement to a legacy of craft heritage.

However, we do not set aside the present nor the future and therefore, we combine the most ancient tradition with the latest technologies, tools and materials that considerably enhance our crafts' finish.

Drassanes Huguet Drassanes Huguet Drassanes Huguet Drassanes Huguet